License Process

For companies interested in licensing ISU technology, the next step is a discussion and/or meeting with ISURF to discuss the objectives, needs and desires of each party.  The Commercialization Manager works with the company’s counterpart to develop the terms of the license agreement. A successfully negotiated license agreement assures that the technology will be diligently developed and marketed and will provide a financial reward to be shared between the inventors, the inventors’ college, and to further research and education.

Sometimes a company desires additional time to explore information about the technology and potential commercial opportunities and internal testing of the technology while preserving its right to negotiate a license for a limited period of time.  In this case, an option agreement is appropriate.

A license is an agreement in which ISURF (the Licensor) grants to the company (the Licensee) permission to use an intellectual property right owned by ISURF under defined conditions. The agreement will include some basic license terms.

Enabling Developmental Research

During its review of the technology for licensing, a company may determine that it would like the inventor-researcher to continue further development within his/her university lab.  OIPTT will work with the researchers and the company on an appropriate research agreement. Having a license or option agreement in place during the research period provides the company assurance that ISURF will not grant rights to the background intellectual property to other parties during the term of the research.


Sample Agreements

Available to License

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