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Friday - August 17, 2018
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SolderTechnology Transfer is the process of moving research results from the laboratory to the marketplace. The Office of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer (OIPTT) and the Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc. (ISURF) work in concert to facilitate and enhance the inventive and creative works of Iowa State University's employees and students, and to transfer these works for the benefit of society.  

gloves Photos courtesy of the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory

Transferring embryonic research results to the marketplace requires an industry partner willing to invest in the commercial development and marketing of products resulting from the research. ISURF uses available legal avenues to protect and to add value to these works, thereby providing incentives for industry to make further investments. OIPTT strives to find those industry partners and works to meet the needs of both parties to provide the rights through licensing in order to carry out that process.     

Other offices of Iowa State also facilitate the technology transfer process by assisting established industry and entrepreneurs through further research activity, and business and marketing development.

Please take the time to visit our site to find out more about who we are and how we can work with you to attain societal benefit.


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