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Thursday - May 28, 2015
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During research and other academic endeavors, faculty, staff, and students often make new discoveries, invent novel technologies, author creative works. Such discoveries, inventions, creations, and similar works have value and are known as intellectual property (IP). As you perhaps know, ISURF has the resources to protect and enhance the value of this property.   

In 1938, the Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc. (ISURF) was established to manage the collection of IP that arises from the work of Iowa State employees and students.  ISURF is a non-profit corporation.  Its Board of Directors has full power to manage, direct, and conduct the affairs and business of the corporation.  ISURF has an exemplary record of success. 

ISURF’s Mission

To commercialize technologies for the public good  

Adding Value to IP 

A significant part of ISURF’s mission is adding value to Iowa State’s IP through further development. To help achieve this, ISURF offers a grants program. The intent of this development is to improve the likelihood that a technology can be used in a practical way and therefore will be of interest in a commercial market. Much of Iowa State’s IP has commercial value and is available to license 


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You may contact us by general e-mail or communicate directly with a specific member of our staff.         


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