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Saturday - August 19, 2017
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Key SBIR/STTR Brainstorming Questions

1. Does our idea clearly fit the topic?
2. Is the topic or our idea likely to be of national significance?
3. What is the overall goal of the program?
4. What is the goal of the Phase I?
5. What problem does the technology address?
6. Have others tried to solve this problem?  What are the drawbacks to their approaches?
7. What is novel about our approach? How does it differ from the approaches others have tried?  Is this truly new research?
8. What are the major technical hurdles we must overcome to achieve our objective?
9. Do we have the right people available to do this work?
10. What is our work plan?  List each task title and state the purpose of the task (what we hope to learn) in one sentence.
11. Can we complete Phase I with the time and money allowed?  Do we have the equipment we need, or can we afford to get it?
12. What materials will we test and why have we selected them?
13. How will we know when feasibility has been established?
14. Assuming success in Phase I, what are our plans for Phase II?
15. What commercial value will our technology have?  In addition to its primary intended, does it have uses?  What are they? (Have an appropriate economic analysis - full-blown or "back of the envelope.")
16. How do we plan to commercialize our technology? Is there a clear pathway?  Do we know who our partner(s) will be?
17. Who are the candidate reviewers for this proposal?  How does our production plan fit their schedules?

Source: Mark H. Henry, 1999
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