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Wednesday - September 20, 2017
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The Iowa State Employee Entrepreneur:

Starting a Business Using Technology Developed at Iowa State

 Initial Meeting Between Entrepreneur and OIPTT/ISURF

An initial meeting is helpful for all parties to discuss the technology, how the business intends to utilize the technology, what role OIPTT/ISURF serves and what resources are available. It is a time for the entrepreneur to ask questions and become familiar with the process. Topics of discussion might include:

·       The business concept of the entrepreneur and utilization of the technology in the business products and services.

·       OIPTT/ISURF mission.

·       The process to obtain rights to the technology and the agreements related to protecting the technology and obtaining rights (CDA, MTA, Option, License, other)

·       The patent prosecution process.

·       University policies and guidelines and issues related to conflict of interest.

·       Ensure that there are no overlaps with any other existing or planned commitments to third parties (research, consulting, and other).

University Resources Available to the Entrepreneur

The following assistance may be available to entrepreneurs:

·       Campus space and equipment for your business’ use: ISU Research Park, ISU Incubator, ISU Co-lab, and renting campus lab space.

·       Pappajohn Entrepreneurship Center helps companies develop business plans and strategies.

·       IPRT Company Assistance Program provides matching funds for product development.

·       For more information, go to:









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