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1.      All expenses directly related to the patent/license will be paid.


2.      ISURF will retain 15% of the gross royalties on each patent to cover the general administrative costs incurred by the office.


3.      ISURF will pay the inventor(s) 1/3 of the net royalties:

Net royalties = [gross royalties (costs + 15% gross royalties)].


4.      The college (or equivalent unit) that generated the patent will receive up to 1/3 of the net royalties generated on a patent.


5.      Any debts to the university will be paid before funds are invested or returned to the university for other purposes.


6.      Payments will be made annually by September 1 following the fiscal year ending June 30.





Item 4 amended and approved by the ISURF Board of Directors on June

12, 2000 and effective July 1, 2000

Items 1-5 approved by the ISURF Board of Directors on March 10, 1992

Item 6 approved by the ISURF Board of Directors on September 20, 1991